Here are the products and services that we use and recommend here at Habithon. 

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Habit Trackers

The Vanaboard

Our hands-down favourite habit tracker. 

We use the Vanaboard 66-Day version specifically to implement new habits into our lives. It uses the science based fact that it takes on average 66 days to form a new habit. 

Each time you complete the habit you get to put a pin in the hole. It’s incredibly motivating to see your progress visualised with the Vanaboard, and also to try to keep up the streak as long as possible. 

Also, the best part – it’s analogue!

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The 30-Day Challenge Tracker

 The 30-Day Challenge Tracker from Vanaboard is similar to the original Vanaboard but with the purpose of motivating you to take on new challenges or to try out an interesting change in your environment or daily activities. 

There’s nothing quite as motivating as taking on a few challenges once and a while and this 30-Day Challenge Tracker is great way to see your progress visualised and to hold yourself accountable. 

We definitely recommend the challenge tracker for those looking for a more affordable and entry level analogue tracker.

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Content Creation

Create & Go

Our blogging mentors! Alex and Lauren are the founders of Create and Go and have taught us the fundamentals of how to build a blog. 

We absolutely love them for their honesty, transparency, and for the incredible valuable information that they have given us. 

If you want to build your own blogging business or really any informational based online business, then we definitely recommend you try out their beginners course for blogging which will teach you how to successfully build and run a blog! 

This is the course we started with and we cannot express enough how valuable it has been!

Freelancing School

Freelancing school is a great course for those wanting to learn how to freelance and create the solo business of your dreams.

In this course you will learn everything from how to build up your business as a freelancer, how to market yourself, and how to sell as a freelancer.



Buzzsprout is the hosting platform we use for our podcast! 

Buzzsprout is super user friendly, gives us advanced statistics to see our progress, and makes podcasting an easy and smooth process. Buzzsprout can get your show listed on every major podcast platform like Apple Podcasts, Spotify and more. 

By following this link you’ll let Buzzsprout know we sent you, you’ll get a 20$ Gift Card from Amazon if you sign up for a paid plan, and you’ll also support our show! 

Blue Snowball Microphone

The blue snowball microphone is the microphone that we use to record our podcasts!