#31 Psychology of Marketing, Productivity and Finding Mentors (ft Oskar Söderlund)

We talk to Oskar Söderlund – an entrepreneur, digital marketing nerd, and motorcycle enthusiast with years of experience in e-commerce and online marketing. He’s also the founder of Kaffekassan which helps funding school trips, sports teams, and organizations.

In this exciting conversation, Oskar shares with us his take on entrepreneurship. We explore the psychology of marketing, the secrets behind productivity, and how to find the right mentors to guide you on your own entrepreneurial path.

Best Quotes from Oskar Söderlund:
“A lot of times, people have limiting beliefs about themselves and that really hinders those people to even try in the first place.”

“Business is about people, so you have to improve yourself and the people to improve the business.”

“The most important thing if you’re going to do habit-changes is to make a decision and really mean it – take a decision for real.”

“I always find that the basics are the things that are the most productive.”

“Prioritization is the skill of skills.”

“Study the people that have actually done it and be proactive about it and not reactive.”

“Don’t follow only the money because that’s going to drive you insane.”

[01:22] Entrepreneurship in Oskar’s perspective
[07:20] How to Escape “the Prison”
[10:33] How to Discover your Identity
[14:05] Oskar’s Sources of Inspiration and Digital Marketing
[16:50] The Psychology of Marketing, Habit-Changes and Productivity Hacks
[23:28] How to know when you’re Done for the Day
[25:05] Oskar’s First Step towards becoming an Entrepreneur
[28:03] How to Find the Right Mentors
[37:03] Generalist vs Specialist
[40:22] Oskar’s Truth
[41:50] Oskar’s Last Words
[43:32] Endnote

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