#36 Adventures Cycling from Sweden to Australia (ft. André Augustsson)


We talk to André Augustsson – a full-fledged adventurer who has traveled the world on his bike.  André shares his fascinating story when he cycled from Sweden, down to the Middle East, through Asia, and all the way to Australia.

His adventures included everything from hazardous climates and dangerous encounters, to breath-taking landscapes and astonishing meeting with people from different cultures.
This episode will give you invaluable insights into how to overcome challenges, how to get into an adventurer’s mindset, and how much we as humans are actually capable of.

It’s time to achieve mastery…

Best quotes from André:

“The freedom that I felt as soon as I started biking, it’s a feeling you haven’t felt before, and I haven’t felt it since.”

“When talking about culture and hospitality in different countries, the place that really stands out is basically all the Muslim countries.”

“They flock around you in the small villages and fight about who is going to take you in for the night.”

“Every country has its own charm… in the Middle East, the people are really the focus of traveling there.”

“This sketchy guy on a motorbike and an AK47  on his back met me up…”

“They threw us in the back of  this armored vehicle…”

“We were obviously being  followed by the secret police…”

“The people living in the villages in the countryside… that is the soul and the heart of the country and what I felt  really connected to.”

“The beauty of traveling is not knowing where you are going to end up.”

“You sort of feel like you’re in a book, a story, because of the fact that you don’t know where you’re going to sleep the next night.”

“When you’re forced into adversity or places and moments that are uncomfortable you grow as a person, and eventually you stop getting uncomfortable…”

“There are no parades, fanfares, or family with party poppers, just another road….”

[01:55] How the Adventure Began
[07:41] From Älmhult to Poland
[11:45] The Eastern Part of Europe
[14:55] The Culture and Danger in the Middle East
[33:10] Experiencing the Different Levels of China
[42:59] Keeping the Motivation in South-East Asia
[56:42] The Hazardous Deserts of Australia
[01:09:42] The Final Stages of the Adventure
[01:14:38] Traveling Tips and Last Insights

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