5 Reasons to Wake Up at 5 AM

Why should you wake up at the crack of dawn, when it’s still dark and when you certainly don’t “have” to? This article will give you 5 reasons to wake up at 5 am and why it’s the king of good habits.

Also at the end of this post, you can check out the article “5 tips to wake up at 5 am effortlessly”, to help you wake up early and turn that grungy awful morning fatigue into the most beautiful and sensational moments of your day.

Personally, I love waking up early in the morning.

It sets one up for the day and it makes time for the most joyous and amazing moments, like for example seeing a beautiful sunrise while running on trails out in nature, or praying and feeling gratitude over life’s experiences and the people around you.

Gurus such as Robin Sharma believes that waking up at 5 am is the ultimate habit that will lead you to develop your genius, and he even wrote an amazing book about it called “The 5 AM Club” which I highly recommend.

It outlines the tactics and methods by which you can successfully wake up early in the morning and have an amazing routine by which you can grow and develop as a person.

Here are 5 reasons to wake up at 5 am. Hopefully, by the end of this post, you will not only have convinced yourself it is something you should try, but you will also have the inspiration, energy, and willpower to do it.

1. You get more time

I think the more one comes to develop a habit of waking up early, the more one realizes it is more of a lifestyle then it is a habit.

At the end of the day, it is also a lot about priorities, and when people make time for the most important activities.

For example, if we take someone who wakes up at 5 am, and compare it to someone who wakes up at 8 am, the habits most likely look a bit different.

In the first case the person would go to bed at around 9 pm, and in the second case maybe around midnight. The difference I believe starts with those last three hours, between 9-12 pm.

Maybe many people are at their productive peak during those hours, but there is also a higher risk of developing bad habits during the last three hours of the day since one’s willpower is usually depleted during that time.

That is why waking up early is a game-changing habit, you wake up with a refueled battery, and can turn those three not so fresh hours into three highly productive hours for meaningful output, and pursue activities such as:

    • Exercising
    • Working on a side hustle
    • Eating a healthy and well-prepared breakfast
    • Meditate/Pray
    • Have quality alone time
    • Pursue a hobby

… All even before going to work or school, which is INCREDIBLE. Imagine having two to three undisturbed and peaceful hours to pursue whatever you want before the obligations of life come your way. Make your well-being a priority.

This way you can become a better person for yourself and also for others. When you develop a habit of waking up early, you create more meaningful time for yourself. This is why it is a game-changing habit that will change your life.

2. It is your bodies natural state

I’m a firm believer that humans are by default natural early risers, and that the rise in technology has affected our sleep and turned us into night owls.

According to The National Sleep Foundation, one of the ways that technology affects our sleep is through the bright blue light emitted from the screens.

This light suppresses the sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. This suppression makes it harder to fall asleep and harder to get to deep sleep.

Also, since you are going to bed later, you are naturally waking up later, and thereby the cycle has started.

Many people say that they can’t go to bed early. But by waking up earlier and also avoiding technology in the evening, you will naturally be able to fall asleep quicker and earlier.

Also, setting a waking time the same time every morning, and sticking to it without snoozing, is amazing for your body’s rhythms to naturally flow, giving you lots of energy.

3. You get some peace and quiet

Many people love their alone time, yet feel they don’t have enough of that time. Love yourself enough to make time for yourself during the finest hours of dawn.

During the peaceful and tranquil hours of the early morning, you have solitude.

With solitude comes the opportunity to pursue a higher cause for your life. To rediscover your true nature and power. You get time to reflect, to strengthen your spirit, and make yourself unstoppable.

When you have had that time for yourself, you will naturally and more happily be inclined to give others your time.

4. No need to rush

Remember those mornings when you always feel like you are in a rush to get to class/work?

Well waking up two hours earlier than your normal time will make you feel like you are always ahead of schedule, giving you time to get ready for the day ahead.

Not only that, giving you time to pursue your most important activities even before life’s obligations come your way.

Make the morning time your temple, a place where you don’t have to rush, you don’t have to worry, you just do exactly what you want to do.

5. You become disciplined

Become stronger and more disciplined by developing this habit.

In fact, after you have done it for a while, you cannot stop, and waking up late is not fun anymore.

You come to love to discipline yourself because you know that waking at 5 am is challenging, and every time you get out of bed, it is a win, you have won over yourself, you have made yourself stronger.

By waking up at 5 am, you will have won over your less disciplined and weaker self that wants to stay in bed.

Also if you follow a scheduled morning routine, where you have a list of activities you would like to pursue, and develop a habit of doing them every day, you will have so many wins during the morning and it will flow as naturally as brushing your teeth.

The habit of following a morning routine is a perfect way to make sure your mornings are sublime, while at the same time strengthening your discipline and your willpower to set yourself up for a truly amazing day.

Check out our article about morning routines to learn how to create an amazing one!

And lastly…

This was my top 5 reasons to wake up at 5 am.

Waking up early is a habit and lifestyle that will lead you to a happier and more productive life while transforming your priorities and turning you into your utmost potential.

You now got 5 reasons to wake up at 5 am, but where do you start?

Check out this article about 5 tips to wake up at 5 am effortlessly. 

Listen to the podcast episode about Morning Routines and waking up early!

I wish you the best of luck in your pursuit to becoming your potential, and waking up early is definitely a way to enhance that journey.

Your Bruddy, Gustav

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Hey guys! My name is Gustav and I'm a habit fanatic. Through good habits, I was transformed from a confused young man to finding my true passions and living a life I'm proud of. My favorite habits are waking up at 5 am, cold showering, and journaling. I hope to inspire you to implement the habits, mindsets and beliefs that will fuel your life for the better!

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