#34 How To Think Like a Programmer (ft. Daniel Tovesson)

We talk with Daniel Tovesson – the co-founder and CTO of Bej Technologies, a social network connecting parents for more fun and supportive parenting.

Daniel is a real programming enthusiast and a full-on entrepreneur. This conversation dives into how a programmer thinks, how to overcome setbacks, the best circumstances for creative work, mindsets, and tools for staying productive and so much more.

It’s time to achieve mastery.

Best Quotes from Daniel Tovesson:
“It’s all about being humble to your own knowledge.”

“There is never a perfect solution for everything, which I love.”

“Such a big part of programming is just doing wrong all the time and  learning from your mistakes and figuring out the best practices basically by doing them wrong…”

“Being in this super creative environment which is programming, is just so satisfying.”

“The most important thing you learn (when being an entrepreneur) is that this is a group project, it’s not something you can solve by yourself.”

“What drives me the most is what people get out of what I do.”

“If it sounds interesting, try it, don’t be afraid… in the end, it’s always worth it.”

“That’s how you build your happiness basically, finding this path of what’s right for you.”

[01:40] Daniel’s Programming Journey & Favorite Part of Programming
[05:21] Best Mindsets for a Programmer
[08:50] How to Stay Creative when Solving Problems
[13:43] How to Get Into Programming the Right Way
[17:30] When Do You Finish a Project?
[19:01] Daniel’s Journey with Bej
[20:29] How the Entrepreneurial Life Changes You
[21:41] Destructive Working Contexts To Avoid
[23:13] Daniel’s Go-To Habits for Staying Productive
[25:42] How the Community of Programming has Changed
[26:57] Daniel’s Future Journey
[28:10] Being a Consumer vs Being a Producer
[30:40] How to Start Your Own Programming Journey
[31:52] Daniel Answers Some Deep Questions
[34:28] Daniel’s Rewind on his Current Journey
[36:43] Life Advice and the Key to Happiness

Find out more about Daniel – LinkedIn and Bej at https://getbej.com/

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