#32 How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths (ft. Niklas Carlson)

We talk to Niklas Carlson – an entrepreneur and community-builder. He is the founder of Crossfit company Northern Spirit and supports his local community by organizing night patrolling with Nattvandrarna.

In this conversation, Niklas shares his story about building mental strength, overcoming mental illness, managing stress, contributing to society, the importance of exercising, and much more.
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Best Quotes from Niklas Carlson:
“It can always be better, but it can always be a lot worse as well…”

“I like doing things, I like execution.”

“The firsts steps are obviously to recognize that you’re not feeling well, and not push it away, which is often the case. You don’t take up the warning signals the body is telling you…”

“One of the keys now is that I know where my limits are and I understand my body a lot better…”

“There are 1 million people in Sweden taking anti-depressive drugs… that tells us something.”

“Putting away your phone is a really good anti-stress tool.”

“Just accept that we have shitty days… today is a day like that, and that’s fine. I can not be 110% productive every day, every hour.”

“Life goes up and down for everybody. There is no perfect way of doing things.”

“Putting those thoughts into words, a lot of the times makes magic.”

“You don’t have to deliver on 110% of your capacity to deliver.”

“Find the workout and the training you like and you think is fun, because that means that you will keep doing it.”

[01:25] What is Night Patrolling?
[07:07] How to Get into the Mindset of Getting Things Done
[08:32] Niklas recipe for Balance
[14:07] Tools for Managing Stress and the Power of Saying No
[16:38] How to Relax in a Conscious Way
[18:40] How to Silence the Inner Critic
[21:02] How to Turn Your Weaknesses into Strengths
[27:25] How to Execute with Balance
[29:21] Niklas take on the Importance of Exercise
[33:14] Niklas Challenge for You

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