#29 Mental Habits to Develop a Strong Mind (Part 2)

In Mental Habits to Develop a Strong Mind (Part 2) we continue our discussion about the mental habits you need to develop a strong mind.

What mindsets do mentally strong people have?

In her book “13 Things Mentally Strong People Don’t Do”, author and psychotherapist Amy Morin introduces 13 destructive mental habits that will weaken your mind, make you more vulnerable to external factors, and stop you from achieving your goals.

Let’s find out what these destructive mental habits are and how you can change them to become a mentally strong person!

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[01:15] The Previous Mental Habits from Part 1
[03:40] Habit 8: Stop Making the Same Mistakes Over and Over
[07:25] Habit 9: Stop Shying Away from Change
[19:50] Habit 10: Stop Fearing Calculated Risks
[25:20] Habit 11: Stop Giving Up After the First Failure
[31:58] Habit 12: Stop Expecting Immediate Results
[38:45] Habit 13: Stop Fearing Alone Time
[48:13] Dating Context Wrap-Up Take 2
[54:02] Last Notes

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