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Our Concept


is what you stop

Self-Sabotage is the number one reason you are ailing to become a strong man with self-respect and confidence. 

Reasons why you might be self sabotaging are bad habits, lack of self-discipline, and lack of self-control. This can lead to you to feel incompetent, feeling weak, lacking self-respect and not becoming an attractive man. 

Our mission is to help you stop this pattern of being and start to regain your heroism with the next step.


is what you need

By implementing good habits into your life you will form a foundation which you can build yourself upon. 

When life’s disappointments come at you you will have a stronger armor to shield yourself with. Not only that but you can rely on your good habits as weapons towards forces that want to take away your self-control. 

With good habits you will remain strong, independent and competent independent of outer circumstances.


is what you get

Become the king of yourself and get back to self-control. This is achieved with the help of good habits. 

With self-control you will be able to resist short term pleasures, feel strong in difficult situations and reach your goals. You will experience mastery, discipline, joy, confidence, peace and freedom. 

When you have reached a state of self-control, mastery of yourself and your life will be your default state of being.

We're two young men with an honest view

Do you have low energy, low motivation, and feel disappointed with how you are living your life? We were there too… 

What has helped us to stop self-sabotaging behaviours and gain discipline and self-control has been implementing better habits into our life. 

Life doesn’t have to be and endless spiral of setbacks and disappointments. Through good habits you can take back your self-control and become the person you want to be.

Let us inspire you to implement good habits and change your life as it has changed ours!

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